Professional technical translations dedicated to the industry.

Our translation agency is cooperating team of translators, proofreaders and consultants with many years of experience and the necessary background.

We specialize in technical translation services for companies and experts bound with the industry, implemented in a combination of English and Polish.

The subject of translations belongs to the technical texts (design documentation, drawings, cost estimates, technical descriptions of the investment, equipment and process) in almost all disciplines (architectural, structural, MEP, telecommunication or road with geology. Additionally, geological industry related to the on- and offshore drilling – oil and shale gas, as well as power industry) and translations of the websites contents regarding the companies related to the industry.

Our strength belongs to the experience, high quality of services, as well as flexibility in adjusting to customer needs, combined with meeting the agreed deadlines.


We use a combination of software tools supported by expert human intelligence.
CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools help us ensure precision and integrity of our translation, as well as consistent terminology and allow for shortening the translation process.

Translation mode

Our translation services are performed in three modes:

  • standard – up to 5 translation pages per day
  • fast – from 6 to 10 translation pages per day
  • express – 11 or more translation pages per day

Translation page

One translation page belongs to 1600 symbols with blank spaces.
Translations are evaluated on the basis of the actual number of characters included in the commissioned text, which gives you a guarantee of budget that meet your needs.

Individual approach

We evaluate each project requirements individually, depending on the branch specialization, scale of the project, as well as the required deadline. While it is done before you place your order than it allows us to create a timeline and budget in your line.

Free quote

You can request the quotation for the translation using our free custom quote or send the files uploaded directly by e-mail at
We will contact you in a short time, providing a free quote for your translation project.


Regular clients can have the preferential payment terms and favorable discount granted.