Professional technical translations dedicated to the industry.

Many years of passion, first when learning a foreign language, and later, during the translation of technical texts for the design and trading companies and individual clients (branch and process engineers, consultants, investors, translation agencies), have been the inspiration of establishing the translation agency with the key competence – narrow specialization in the field of professional technical translations.

Translations dedicated to the industry (design and construction, power, chemical and automotive) are carried out in a professional, precise and reliable manner.

Due to the fact that very often specialization becomes a key criterion for choosing a specific services of interpreter or translation agency, this feature belongs to our brand.

Cooperation with the group of professionals – branch and process engineers, established during many years of performing the technical translation services, has proved to be very helpful because of the possibility regarding consulting complex issues of a technical nature or technology.

The competitive advantage of the services provided  belongs to the experience – nearly 20 years of performing professional technical translations, which provides precise specialization of performed translations, as well as terminological consistency.

We have the individual approachproject focused, with the specific technical translator assigned. All of our technical translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries and industry specific terms, ensuring that translation is both accurate and consistent across each project.

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